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Otome Falls, Tochigi-ken, Japan

Posted by admin on 5th June 2008

This is a lovely and easy to get to waterfall which provides a view rarely achieved.  One can easily feel the power of the river when they are below this falls, which although small, has a thunderous roar that makes your heart pump at about twice its normal rate.  The view is worth it though.

Otome Falls 1   Otome Falls 2   Otome Falls 3

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Crystalized River

Posted by admin on 5th June 2008

These two photos are from the Nakagawa river below the Otome Falls in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.  I love the way the slow shutter speed crystallizes the water in these photos. In spite of having rainy weather during this shoot, I was still able to get some really great shots.

Crystallized Nakagawa 1   Crystallized Nakagawa 2

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The City of Seattle

Posted by admin on 1st June 2008

Here are a few more pictures I took of Seattle when I was home in August 2005.  The first photo is the famed skyline of Seattle taken from Deception Point park and includes the entire city.  The second is of the more recognizable symbols of the city, The Space Needle and the Bremerton ferry in front of it.

The Seattle Skyline  Symbols of Seattle 1

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