Bill Martens Photography


Bill Martens currently resides in Tokorozawa, Japan.  Having spent the last 20 years in Japan traveling around and photographing the country in addition to his countless trips to the U.S. and Hawaii, the end result is this gallery.

Bill Martens

Currently Bill writes science fiction adventure games as well as science non-fiction books. Many of the photographs he takes are for the games.  He also stars in Japanese TV Dramas and commercials on a regular basis.

As a writer, his primary focus is space exploration and rocketry.  As the author of the Mir Paper, an environmental paper which focuses on preserving the earth as well as expanding the space hardware usage, he is an environmentalist with the realistic touch.

As a native of Maple Valley, Washington, his upbringing was oriented very much around the nature which he photographs.  Everything from mountain scenes to natural disasters, there is no getting around nature and it’s affects.

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington USA

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