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I-90 Floating Bridge

Posted by admin on 6th December 2009

These are photos I took from the Mercer Island side of the I-90 floating bridge early one morning before heading off to Seattle.

I-90 Floating Bridge 1   I-90 Floating Bridge 2

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Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Posted by admin on 6th December 2009

These were the first photos I shot of the Tacoma Narrows after the completion of the 2nd bridge.

Early morning on the Narrows 1 Tacoma Narrows at first light 2

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Ryujin Dam, Ibaragi-ken, Japan

Posted by admin on 16th May 2008

The Ryujin Damn is a neat perspective of the damn itself and the Ryujin Ohashi 100 meters above.   With a good view of the valley below and the gorge above, the Damn is a great alternative to the walking across the bridge.  With a view deck that is perfect 100 meters down from the damn, you can get some great photos and views of both the bridge and the damn.

We caught this view at sunset which made for some beautiful pictures.  The other advantage of this time of day was that there were few people there meaning that we could shoot from anywhere and no one was blocking the way.  This was in severe contrast to the bridge above.

There is a restaurant here with a view of the falls and parking for about 50 vehicles.  The parking fees are free.

Ryujin Ohashi and Koinobori Above   Ryujin Ohashi and Koinobori Above at Sunset    Ryujin Dam

Signpost 1 at Ryujin Damn   Signpost 2 at Ryujin Damn   Signpost 3 at Ryujin Dam

A View of the Ryujin Resevoir   The Spillway at Ryujin Dam   The view below the Ryujin Dam

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Ryujin Ohashi, Ibaragi-ken, Japan

Posted by admin on 13th May 2008

In the world of pointless items, this is one of the most pointless I have ever seen.  But the Ruujin Ohashi or Big Dragon Bridge is a work of man that must be seen to be believed.

Built above the Ryujin Dam, The bridge is large suspension bridge which was built  at a cost of 1.2 Billion USD and essentially is the ultimate bridge to nowhere.  While the view from the bridge is quite majestic, the 375 meter long bridge is not for those with a weak stomach or anyone who is affected by motion sickness.

The best time for viewing of the bridge is at the end of April to early may, or “Golden Week” in Japan, when 1000 streaming carp shaped wind socks can be seen flying over the gorge.

Be prepared to wait in line for parking and if you don’t make it all the way to the top parking area, you will find that the hike up is a good bit of exercise.

With a 300 yen entry fee, the bridge is paying for itself with all of the travelers who want to feel the thrill of being on a bridge so high in the air. (it is actually only 100 meters down to the water level from the bridge.)  Parking fees are also generally 500 yen for the bridge parking any where down the hill.
Water reflecting off river under the bridge   Looking across the bridge   The Dragon Mural

Ryujin Ohashi from Below  Koinobori flying in the wind

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Hitachi Lighthouse

Posted by admin on 5th May 2008

The Hitachi lighthouse is a beautiful work of man and is quite elegant.  It’s tiled siding is quite unusual and allows the sunlight to reflect beautifully off of it.

Surrounded by a lovely play park for the kids, Hitachi lighthouse is a nice place to take the family for a picnic or just to spend the day lazily lying on the grass.   A statue in the park is dedicated to a great Japanese fisherman who modernized Japanese methodologies of fishing and  is at the point of the park in front of the lighthouse.

Parking is limited and generally only enough space for about 20 cars  is available but most people park on the road by the park.

Hitachi Lighthouse Signpost   Hitachi Lighthouse   The fisherman’s statue

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