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Ryujin Dam, Ibaragi-ken, Japan

Posted by admin on 16th May 2008

The Ryujin Damn is a neat perspective of the damn itself and the Ryujin Ohashi 100 meters above.   With a good view of the valley below and the gorge above, the Damn is a great alternative to the walking across the bridge.  With a view deck that is perfect 100 meters down from the damn, you can get some great photos and views of both the bridge and the damn.

We caught this view at sunset which made for some beautiful pictures.  The other advantage of this time of day was that there were few people there meaning that we could shoot from anywhere and no one was blocking the way.  This was in severe contrast to the bridge above.

There is a restaurant here with a view of the falls and parking for about 50 vehicles.  The parking fees are free.

Ryujin Ohashi and Koinobori Above   Ryujin Ohashi and Koinobori Above at Sunset    Ryujin Dam

Signpost 1 at Ryujin Damn   Signpost 2 at Ryujin Damn   Signpost 3 at Ryujin Dam

A View of the Ryujin Resevoir   The Spillway at Ryujin Dam   The view below the Ryujin Dam

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