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Posted by admin on 20th September 2009

For those of you who are wondering why there are no new posts for over a year, it is not for lack of photos.  We have taken lots of them but due to an issue in a previous version with posting new items, we decided to hold off until the update had taken place.  Now that the update has taken place, we are hoping that the posting issue is now resolved and that we will be able to share a ton of new photos from all over the US and Japan.  Stay tuned for more.

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A Sunset to Remember

Posted by admin on 3rd May 2008

Title : A Sunset to Remember

Location:Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

As we were driving towards Nasu-Shiobara, we came across this series of rice paddies that just happened to reflect the setting sun perfectly.  Obviously we had to stop and shoot a picture or two and this is the result:

Sunset in Tochigi Pref      Another view of the sunset.

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Tamadare Falls

Posted by admin on 3rd May 2008

Title: Tamadare Falls

Location: Nakasato, Ibaragi-ken, Japan (中里、茨城県)

Signpost at Tamadare Falls   A map of the hiking trail around the falls

  The falls through the trees   A view of the whole falls

On the road through Naka Sato, you can find many signs pointing to the Tamadare Falls.  But once you get to the road to the falls, you will find that it is a small country road winding and narrow.  However, the smell of country smoke from burning wood and leave piles draws you onward in your quest.

Tamadare means beaded falling of water in Japanese or the falling balls. The falls itself is at a juncture in the road with a rail but there is no real place to stop other than in people’s drive ways..    In the shaded light, the image of the falls is first class.  It is well worth the look see.

But if you think that you would get a better photo, think again.  The Shrine or Jinja at Tamadare falls is privately owned and they don’t allow people to walk through to the falls to take photos.  Lots of hand written signs are all over the shrine stating such items as no trespassing, no photography and generally no public access, severely detracting from the initial beauty of the falls.

No parking is available and it is advisable to be careful walking around as cars seem to whiz by at a moments notice.

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Welcome to Bill Martens Photography

Posted by billm on 10th October 1995

Welcome to the Bill Martens Photography Blog.  We started the web site in 1995 and have been posting photos along the way.  Unfortunately, all of our photos got wiped from the server during a database crash, so we will be reposting them as time allows.  We hope you enjoy them and welcome your comments.

All of the photos on this web site are copyright (c) Bill Martens  and as such may not be republished without express written permission.

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