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Mt. Rainier at Sunset

Posted by admin on 30th May 2008

This is a photo that I took during my trip in August 2005 of Mt. Rainier right at Sunset.  The sun was reflecting off the mountain giving it a golden glow that one would normally see on Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Mt. Rainier at Sunset

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Mt. Fuji Sunset

Posted by admin on 17th March 2001

These were taken in march 2001 from the Citicorp Center Building in Tokyo.  With Mt. Fuji in the background and the sun at just the right angle, it lends to the addive about Japan, “Land of the Rising Sun”.

 Mt Fuji at sunset in the distance   The sunset over the mountains

 Mt Fuji at sunset through the buildings of Tokyo    Mt Fuji up close at sunset

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Ellison Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Posted by admin on 22nd July 2000

These were taken during my trip to the Ellison Glacier on Mt. Rainier on July 17, 2000.  Fortunately we were given a great day for hiking and for photography.  When we were shooting from the Chinook Pass side, the view of the mountain was perfect even at the 20 mile distance we were at.  Most of the photos here are from the hike up the Ellison Glacier trail at White River, Washington.

The gateway to Mt. Rainier National Park   The mountain from a distance of 20 miles (Chinook Pass Lookout)    The Ellison Glacier on Mt. Rainier

The creek from the Ellison Glacier feeding the White River   A view up through the trees on the Ellison Glacier Trail   A nice view of the creek up close.

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