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Otome Falls, Tochigi-ken, Japan

Posted by admin on 5th June 2008

This is a lovely and easy to get to waterfall which provides a view rarely achieved.  One can easily feel the power of the river when they are below this falls, which although small, has a thunderous roar that makes your heart pump at about twice its normal rate.  The view is worth it though.

Otome Falls 1   Otome Falls 2   Otome Falls 3

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Crystalized River

Posted by admin on 5th June 2008

These two photos are from the Nakagawa river below the Otome Falls in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.  I love the way the slow shutter speed crystallizes the water in these photos. In spite of having rainy weather during this shoot, I was still able to get some really great shots.

Crystallized Nakagawa 1   Crystallized Nakagawa 2

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